Line of Business & Service

Business Overview

Using engineering technology gleaned from developing construction equipment, we provide a broad range of services related to buildings that balance customer comfort with energy saving.

Air Conditioning WorkWe are engaged in developing a wide variety of air-conditioning systems providing a thermal environment that is considerate to our global environment to make our daily life healthier and more comfortable, to improve the medical and welfare environment and to support industrial and technical innovation and other business activities.

Plumbing and Sanitation WorkWe offer resource-efficient equipment for supplying, heating and draining water as well as gas equipment and factory utility equipment, all of which are essential for human life and ensure a safe and healthy society.

Electric Equipment WorkWe provide high-efficiency electrical equipment to supply power to air conditioning and multiple other devices or the power required by lighting, communications, etc. that reliably support our daily work and everyday life.

Architectural WorkWe create plans and proposals to implement Net Zero Energy Buildings (ZEB), provide interior finish work for renovation and design indoor environments to maintain health and improve productivity.

Facility Management SolutionsStriving for a carbon-neutral society, we employ digital technology to plan, propose, manage operation, and perform energy saving diagnosis to propose solutions for efficient operation of buildings.


Sanitary Facilities

Equipment Work


Total Support for the Life Cycle of Buildings

We provides total support for customers’ buildings by utilizing engineering technology in various phases of the building’s life cycle, such as planning and proposals, design and build, system adjustment, maintenance after delivery, and renovation.

In response to customers’ renewal requirements, we will implement energy conservation diagnosis, deterioration diagnosis, and operational status surveys as necessary. We will propose more effective renewal plans, such as supporting subsidized interest rates that bear a portion of the funds necessary for the introduction of highly efficient systems that contribute to energy conservation by the national and local governments.

In order to deliver exactly what our customers need when they need it, Sanken has an integrated service system
to provide planning, design, construction, maintenance and renewal.
We work with office buildings, hospitals, high-rise condominiums, leisure facilities and cleanrooms, to flexibly
meet each customer’s demand and society’s needs.


We start with consultation to understand our customer’s building and facility plans and make suggestions regarding design, budgeting, and systems. We will even assist you in the early stages of your business plan.


Based on the project’s policies and quality plans, our design engineers develop designs using computer simulations. To minimize energy usage and to save money, we thoroughly evaluate both the initial cost (both equipment cost and construction cost) and the lifecycle operating cost. We also assist with reducing the environmental impact.


Our builders develop a meticulous plan which involves quality control, progress management and safety management. Our construction team gives suggestions to reduce the environmental load taking into account the site location and the intended use of the building. Our experienced employees will share their knowledge and techniques with you to deliver high quality service. Construction safety is integral to what we do.

Testing And Adjustment

Various tests are scheduled during construction, and this testing is followed by adjustment to optimize the performance of the system. Our products are only delivered after they have met or exceeded the test criteria and completed satisfactory adjustment. To keep equipment in top operating condition, we provide an effective after-sales service.


All buildings and facilities deteriorate over time. Sanken provides analysis services using state-of-the-art technology so that you know the current condition of your property. We will also propose and conduct appropriate remodeling or renewal.