Public and Cultural Facilities

Government office buildings / Community centers / School / Library
Sanken has designed and installed air conditioning systems in public and cultural facilities, taking into consideration of the following features:

  • – Large number of visitors
  • – Large space inside buildings
  • – Security and disaster control
  • – High availability throughout the year
  • – Demand for energy saving

Office and Commercial Facilities

Office building / Shopping malls / Supermarkets / Warehouses / Urban redevelopment
Sanken has also designed and installed systems for office and commercial facilities, considering the following requirements:

  • – Energy load fluctuation due to occupancy time of day, holidays and site conditions
  • – Local control
  • – Safety and disaster control
  • – Low energy requirements and low maintenance

Hospitals and Welfare Facilities

Hospitals / Clinics / Nursing homes
Hospitals and welfare facilities consume a lot of energy for heating and cooling 24 hours a day throughout the year. Sanken has installed systems at hospitals and welfare facilities that require:

  • – Prevention of hospital-acquired infections
  • – Maintenance of temperature, humidity and air cleanliness suitable for medical purposes
  • – Air cleanliness
  • – Demand for energy saving

Traffic and Information / Communication Facilities

Rail and bus station / Air terminals / Broadcast stations / Newspaper publisher / Information center / Telecommunications company
Sanken would consider the following features when designing systems for such facilities:

  • – System backup
  • – Easy maintenance
  • – Demand for energy saving
  • – Security and disaster control

Housing and Leisure Facilities

Hotel / Condominium / Sports & Leisure facility
Sanken would consider the following points when designing HVAC and plumbing systems for customers’ facilities:

  • – Effective air-conditioning systems for larger spaces
  • – A comfortable and healthy environment
  • – Ease of operation and low maintenance
  • – Low cost and limited space

Industrial and R&D Facilities

Plant/Research institute
Sanken has experience in installing clean rooms and in creating environments suitable for all types of research.
The following features are considered when designing systems for such facilities:

  • – Automatic control
  • – System backup
  • – Ease of operation and low maintenance
  • – Demand for energy saving