President Message

Message from President

Sanken Setsubi Kogyo Co., Ltd. was founded in 1946 as a provider of HVAC, commercial, residential and industrial plumbing. Since then we have through the use of advanced and highly reliable technology designed and constructed the systems and facilities that our customers and society demand. The surge in COVID-19 cases has made us recognize that dealing with the crisis is a common human goal and that our needs for safer, more comfortable and healthier environments for work have become more sophisticated and more diversified. The industrial and medical fields are required to use highly controlled environments to the breaking point for quality control and the prevention of infection and demands for technology is increasing by the day.

However, there is not an unlimited supply of energy and resources available for creating systems and facilities. In the 21st century, building a sustainable society by protecting our global environment is an issue that mankind must urgently address as stated in the sustainable development goals adopted at the United Nation Summit in September 2015. The environments that we build not only help to usher in a carbon-free society or help popularize net zero energy buildings (ZEB) to control greenhouse gas emissions. They also address a growing number of complex issues such as phasing out Freon gas, conserving natural resources, controlling waste and processing recyclable products, etc. As a company, we continuously work hard to provide the technology and services to support and maintain facilities over their decades-long life cycles.

We at Sanken Setsubi Kogyo aim to build a cooperative relationship with society and continue to strive to improve the structure of the company starting with compliance and refine the mindset of the people who use it as a guideline for their activities. Even with the progress of automation and the development of AI (artificial intelligence), we are convinced it is still highly motivated people working and leading spiritually rich everyday lives in a corporate culture with a human touch that stimulate open communication to allow them to continue to provide our customers with the facilities and services they can safely trust.

Sanken Setsubi Kogyo is involved with every stage of a facility’s lifecycle: planning, design, construction, maintenance and renovation. With our long experience and professional expertise, we are committed to contribute to the protection of the local and global environment for the benefit of both our customers and society. Our goal is to be a leading company contributing to building a carbon-free society as a provider of HVAC, commercial, residential and industrial plumbing. Now with over a 70 year history, we are working steadily and persistently to strengthen our business foundation to prepare for our centenary.