President Message

For more than two years now, the world has faced the threat of COVID-19 forcing us to change our customary lifestyles.

Even under the restrictions of this pandemic, our consumption of fossil fuels has seen no letup and the concentration of carbon dioxide, one of the main greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, has increased at a consistent rate. The increase in greenhouse gases is changing our very climate, threatening the civilization that we have created to become a worldwide challenge.

This is a challenge that mankind has to stand united against to resolve. However, attempts to change the status quo as seen in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine or the conflict between developed and emerging nations in the World Trade Organization (WTO), as well as human rights violations at the hands of authoritarian regimes have rendered ineffective the framework for guarding peace and the free transfer of people, things and information.

Despite the strong headwinds that work against the creation of a sustainable society, dramatic changes in industrial structure are paving the way to a carbon-free society through climate-changing countermeasures that promise the investment in new technologies. With our “SANKEN Challenge 2030,” we at Sanken Setsubi Kogyo have made it our stated goal to support a carbon-free society in our efforts to achieve a sustainable society.

Our current mid-term management plan (2021 – 2023) is the first stage of this process. The facilities that we build will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions or promote the adoption of net zero energy buildings (ZEB), but also address a growing number of complex issues such as phasing out Freon gas, conserving natural resources, as well as reducing and recycling waste. As a company, we continuously work hard to provide the technology and services to support and maintain our facilities over their decades-long life cycles.

We will build a variety of relationships with society, promote compliance, improve internal control, a building block of our company, and refine the mindset of the people who use it as a guideline for their activities. We will also provide our employees and everybody involved with an agreeable working environment to ensure the continued security, trust and support of our customers. We are convinced it is highly motivated people working and leading spiritually rewarding everyday lives in a corporate culture with a human touch that are able to create and maintain the environments and services that our customers truly need.

As an integrated provider of environmental solutions, we are involved with every stage of a facility’s life cycle: planning, design, construction, maintenance and renovation. We will contribute to the protection of the local and global environment for the benefit of both our customers and society. We are committed to becoming a leading company helping to build a carbon-free society as a provider of HVAC, commercial, residential and industrial plumbing. Now with over a 70-year history, we are working steadily and persistently to strengthen our business foundation to prepare for our 100-year anniversary.